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Cuisine wine tastings take place 6 times annually, judging a different set of wine varietals in each tasting.  The results are published here bi-monthly coinciding with each issue of Cuisine magazine. We hope our star ratings and tasting notes will help wine lovers discover and enjoy new wines.

Latest Tastings

NZ Specialty Whites

FROM FIRST LIGHT to explorers and filmmakers, New Zealand has always oozed a certain vibe. With wine we exude ‘edgy but relaxed’ in spades, especially as makers extend their expertise to more specialised wine styles. Our annual speciality whites tasting is always interesting. We evaluate a range of styles from varieties of which there are not enough examples to warrant a dedicated varietal comparative tasting. This year’s top entries include viognier, verdelho (an aromatic blend), albariño and chenin blanc. Viognier expresses herself in more elegant structured dimensions than her Rhône cousins, while albariño from Spain, and verdelho from Portugal are re-imagined in a fresh Kiwi style. Native of the relatively cool Loire region of France, I believe that chenin blanc is a classic and versatile grape that has a strong potential to thrive here. I applaud the makers who are creating these differing wine expressions and encourage consumers to explore some of New Zealand’s cooler and certainly special, wine categories.

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NZ Chardonnay

Fashionable yes, but JOHN BELSHAM reveals that New Zealand’s cool-climate chardonnays also show elegance, complexity and restraint.

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